UINSA is a developing university to always improve the quality of teaching and academic staff. One of the programs is and services is a centre of excellence of research and knowledge production in Asia. Faculty members conduct scientific and applied research and publish it in various world research journals. At present, UINSA plays an active role in generating knowledge and innovation that transform global society and environment.

UINSA welcomes applications from students, senior academics, professors, and researchers who wish to spend periods of monthly up to yearly in the faculty to exchange expertise, carry-out research with faculty members of a department as their scientific counterpart.

Check this out for more information of how to join our international research programs

  • Eligibility

For the UINSA staff and visiting scholars who would like to do the research within UINSA network should have the following requirement:

  1. Hold a Master or PhD degree (or equivalent) in relevant field to the research topic (for thesis, dissertation or research project).
  2. Hold a Master or PhD degree (or equivalent) in relevant field for teaching purpose (visiting lecturer).
  3. Satisfy Indonesian government requirements for international researcher’s entry to Indonesia by applying for research permit to Ministry of Research and Technology for scholars who will do their research with the period at least 3 months or more.


Preference will be given to applicants who:

  1. are the faculty member of a university having agreement or MOU with UINSA
  2. join the visiting scholar program under the agreed visiting scholar scheme
  3. support your own funding during your research period at UINSA
  • Requirements
  • Procedures

The visiting scholar is normally attached to a member or group of staff who share the research interests of the scholar. The scheme is designed for those who wish to focus on a specific research area, but without registering for a formal academic qualification and are not employed by UINSA during their stay.

For researchers who wish to their research for more than 3 months should apply for a research permit to the Ministry of Research and Technology after they have been approved by UINSA.


  • Application form can be downloaded here
  • CV (curriculum vitae)
  • Summary of proposed research
  • Letter of recommendation from home institution
  • Copy of passport
  • Application letter (from the applicants)
  • Proof of correspondence with related staff or professors in UINSA (if any)

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