UINSA is the oldest Islamic university established on 1961 and the home of more than 16.000 students. Currently, it has 13 faculties, more than 50 undergraduate programs, and 14 postgraduate programs (10 Master and 4 Doctoral Degree). in the beginning, the main concentration of UINSA programs is in Islamic studies. As there are a lot of demands to also establish non-Islamic studies, UINSA also offers non-Islamic study programs. At present, there are more than 15 non-Islamic study programs offered, such as finance, English literature, technology information, architect, and public health. The inclusion of this general education even brings a new colour to UINSA and it is implemented in the university’s vision aiming to become a competitive Islamic university globally which emphasizes on balanced Islamic studies with science education. This concept is depicted in Twin Towers as the symbol of the integration of Islamic values with science education.

The main campus of UINSA is in Jalan Ahmad Yani. In the next couple years, however, there will be two campuses of UINSA: Ahmad Yani and Gunung Anyar. At the moment, Gunung Anyar campus is still under construction. When the campus is ready, Ahmad Yani campus will concentrate on Islamic studies, social sciences, and office building; while Gunung Anyar campus will be for science education.

The campus offers a warm and dynamic educational atmosphere can be directly sensed when you enter the campus. The diversity of UINSA campus nurtures individuals to develop and expand their capacity and capability. As a member of this humanism community, student’s unique qualities are valued in the classroom discussions, student activities, study group, and teamwork negotiations.

Life in UINSA’s campus is full of opportunity. There is so much going on entertainment, culture, sports, and family events inside and outside campus. Students and faculty-staff members will get to know each other combining friendly and charming society. It makes UINSA’s campus as the best place to enrich knowledge and scientific production.

For International students, they can find advice on a range of issues that relate to living in Indonesia. We, International office – UINSA, also support students who may be looking to engage in more extra-curricular activities, and can give you information on various opportunities including study Javanese language, culture, and traditional music and dances.