The Asian-African Youth Conference (AAYG) was officially held at the Savoy Homan Hotel, Bandung, West java, Indonesia from 16-19 December 2021, with the participation of 52 delegates from Asian and African countries. The main theme of this conference was to discuss the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitics  Through the submitted papers, it highlighted the economic difficulties, the loss of lives, and the unparalleled global human suffering as a result of the emerging Corona Virus (Covid-19) pandemic.  In the region of Asia and Africa to overcome the crises and difficulties facing the world in a more innovative and creative way, the participants also called for urgent practical action that includes all segments of society and is characterized by sustainability.  The focus of the delegates of the Asian-African Youth Conference was to discuss issues of peace, climate change, innovation and creativity, development and the world after the Corona pandemic.  In order to achieve development and recovery that contributes to achieving sustainable development goals.

During the course of the conference, the Indonesian Minister of Tourism and Innovative Economy Sandiagouno praised the wonderful organization of this conference and the extent of Indonesia’s welcome to host it. Apart from the hardships and economic costs associated with Covid-19, it's still remarkable how the world is conscious and helping one another at this tough moment. In this regard, the positive aspect of the covid-19 pandemic is that it encouraged people to innovate.

 With regard to the low data on the receipt of COVID-19 vaccines in the Asia and Africa region, all speakers stressed the need to enhance youth participation and for opinion leaders in local communities to take the lead in issues that have a direct relationship to their lives and future, and said that community participation will expand the influence of the authorities.  Local actors, facilitating access to and understanding information, enabling the right to express opinions on the services provided and encouraging them, and building on existing local capacities.  In this case, the participation of local stakeholders is expected to support the uptake of COVID-19 vaccines by target communities and individuals.  Community participation also plays a crucial role in promoting the safety of vaccines and dealing with side effects after receiving the vaccine.

 In a related context, the participants appealed to the international community represented by the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank Group, the World Health Organization and the World Trade Organization to accelerate access to vaccines, treatments and diagnostics for Covid-19, taking into account justice in their distribution, especially in Asian and African countries.

 During his speech, former President of AAYG  BeniPramula called on all young people to take responsibility in this difficult time, by contributing to the renaissance of society, taking the initiative and working in a team spirit by integrating into community activities, because there is an urgent need for young people who have the ability in this digital age in terms of  Creating innovation and creativity in dealing with the Corona virus and developing entrepreneurship programs among young people, which will reflect positively on the economies of countries and the world at large.

 At the end of the conference was announced that Mr. Saddam Al-Jihad, was elected as Chairman of the Asia and African Youth Organization (AAYG), since 2021-2026.

It is expected that the next conference will be held in the State of Morocco, based on a request made during his speech by Mr. Wadih Benabdallah, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Indonesia.

Mohamed A. Omar (Somali)

Islamic State University (UIN), Sunan Ampel Surabaya.

Faculty of Science and Technology

Department of Marine Science